Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Girl!

January has been good to us! We have been busy trying new foods with Ella, taking lots of walks, and learning how to sit-up! Ella is still as happy as ever and starting to show us her personality. And of course, we are still in love!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Jake's 2nd Birthday

The day of Ella's baptism was also Jake's 2nd birthday, so the next day we celebrated with him at his birthday party. The entire family was there to wish him Happy Birthday, along with Mou-Mou (That's Mickey Mouse for those of you who don't speak 2 year old).

The Rangers had just clinched the American League, so David was still on a baseball high and only replayed the game winning pitch about 18 million times...

It was a great day and a great weekend all around. Jake loved his Mickey party and David made some killer burgers on the grill. Sometimes I still can't believe little Jakey is already 2 years old. I remember the day he was born very well.

Such a sweet picture!

Later that week Ella and I went over to Julie & David's for a quick visit and I got to snap some really cute shots of the two little cousins together. It isn't often that it is just the two of them, so Julie and I took advantage!

I love Jake's big cheesy smile - too cute!

Have a great weekend every one! And thanks again for being patient with me and this blog!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Houston, Road Trip, Girl Cousins, New Baby...Oh My!

Back in October Ella, Jeff, and I drove down to Houston to visit Angie's crew and celebrate with Mary at her baby shower. It was a great week, but I'm not sure anyone had more fun than Sofia. She LOVES her baby cousin, Ella a.k.a. Baby A-yy-a.

Sofia is way too cute with her cousin and with so much practice, we know she'll be a great big sister! I know these sweet girl cousins, along with baby girl on the way, will be the best of friends. And as much as Sofia loves her "boy cousins", I know she will love her baby sister and baby cousin even more.

Love this picture of Ella and Tia Angie!

Wow...I see this picture and can only imagine that my mother's heart is bursting with joy... Such sweet girls!

The entire trip was pretty relaxing. We got to spend some great quality time with Mary and Kyle while we were there, along with Uncle Dan. Mary is absolutely radiant and we had a blast showering her and Baby Herbert at the shower.

While we were baby-showering, Jeff stayed with Mr. Uncle Kyle Herbert, ESQ. Kyle got some baby holding practice too. Looks thrilled, huh?

Later that night we went out for dinner and drinks with the Herberts and Coussirat clans. And since Angie never leaves her neighborhood, The Heights, we didn't go far. It was a lot of fun and we had plenty of free baby holders...

Jeff had to leave Houston before us for work, so Angie and Sofia drove back with Ella and me. Have you ever driven 4+ hours with a pregnant woman, infant, and toddler? What can I say? It was interesting to say the least. Angie was very helpful and Sofia even lent a helping hand...literally.

I find that I learn something new with every trip I take with Ella. This trip in particular, Angie showed me one very helpful trick. We were about 20 miles from home and Ella decided it was time to eat. So instead of pulling over, Angie popped her a bottle and Sofia wanted to help. It maybe wasn't the safest choice, but Ella did not seem to mind one bit.

We stopped several times (remember the infant, preggo, and toddler) and we managed to snap a few shots of Ella at the appropriate rest stops.

She is probably going to hate me for these one day...

When we finally got home Angie and I were exhausted! The first thing on the agenda was to get both girls to take naps, and Ella was happy to oblige. Sofia was a different story. There was just too many distractions in Ella's room for her to go down without a fight.

I loved having Angie and Sofia stay with us for a few days while Jeff was gone. Sofia really enjoyed sleeping in our bed with Angie, along with her friends. I especially enjoyed hanging with Sofia in the mornings while Angie slept.

This picture is my favorite. I asked her to play quietly since Baby Ella and Mommy were sleeping, so she just stared at Ella in the swing for a good 20 minutes.

It was a great few days spending time with friends and family. We love it when we have family come to visit, especially since Sofia is just too sweet with Ella. Angie and I really feel blessed to have our girls and I know they'll grow up to be best friends.

Thanks for the visit Herberts & Coussirats!

P.S. Mary & Kyle welcomed their Baby Girl, Etta, January 4th. She is happy and healthy - we can't wait to meet her!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa

The first time we met...

The first time you let me sit in your chair...

The first time you fed me, even if you did tease me with that bottle...

And the first time you told me about your "World Famous" Manhattan...

Its been a great year so far with you, Grandpa! I look forward to many more "firsts" with you. Cheers to you on your birthday. I love you and miss you!

Happy Birthday!



P.S. Thank you for my favorite toy! Who knew tags could be so much fun?!?!

Ella's Baptism

At the end of October Ella was baptized. It was a very rainy, but beautiful day. As Ella was baptized she was surrounded by all of her family: parents, all of her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and several friends. (We missed you, Aunt Kelly!) Ella was a trooper and only started to fuss when she was actually being baptized, which was kind of ironic. All in all, she was her typical sweet self.

To take on the very important responsibility of Godparents, we chose Tim and Angie, both who we felt would be great examples to Ella. Jeff and I were both honored to have them there, guiding our daughter in her own spiritual journey.

It was a special day for Jeff and I because we had the opportunity to baptize Ella at the same church we committed our lives to each other, as well as have the same Deacon who married us, baptize Ella. Deacon Ken Reisor performed the private ceremony and did a fabulous job. Deacon Ken has been there for us since the beginning, so it was extrememly important to us that he was there for us on Ella's special day.

Another special part of the day was the baptismal gown Ella wore. Passed down several generations, the gown has been worn by all of Ella's first cousins, myself, my mom, and Grandfather. It is a very special family heirloom that was brought over from Cuba.

We were so happy to have every one there to celebrate! We got some great family shots too.

After the baptism we headed to our house to have a little party. It was a great time and the kids had a blast! It was an all around great day with our families. A day that we wish could happen more often. Ella was a little wiped from her big day, so she napped during the party.

This picture of Ella and Grandpa was taken right before the "Spit-Up of 2010" where Ella nailed Grandpa's chin, very shy of his mouth. Sorry, Grandpa!

Thanks again to all of our friends and our family for coming to support Ella on such a special day. Every night as Jeff and I say our prayers with Ella we think of that day and how her baptism was the start of such a special relationship with God. We pray she finds her own way, but know we will all be there to support her.