Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pacifier? I Think Not.

Ella has been suspect of the pacifier since she was born. It wasn't until she was about 2 months old that she would take one, but even then, she was not convinced. The past few weeks she would take one pretty happily, especially as she fell asleep. However, these days she has figured out how to grab the pacifier from her mouth. It was cute the first time, but now the pacifier is just another toy and those times that we need her actually pacified are becoming a little bit more difficult.

It is always fun to watch her play with it, especially when she attempts to put it back in her mouth. I guess its a good thing she isn't dependent on a paci, but it sure would be nice sometimes. Jeff and I took this video the other day of her playing with her new toy. You can see how amused we were.

Play Ball

In early October as the Rangers were making their ALDS come back against the Rays, another team was competing: The Flower Mound River Dogs. They have some really great rookie prospects, including Matthew Mayor, who was named player of the game the week before, and received the game ball. With so much press, we decided to go check out his budding talent for ourselves.

Matthew On Deck

He was surprised to see us and was happy Baby Ella came too!

Aunt Julie loved playing and feeding Ella, who was still in pajamas. There was a perfect chill in the air too, which was a welcomed change!

Jakey had had his own fun roaming around the field grounds, picking up hats, balls, and bats.

Love this kid - such a ham!

Jake asks to "sfeeeee" every picture after you take it. Its pretty hilarous.

The game was only about 45 minutes long, but we got to see Matthew field and take a few cuts. He had a great hit right when we arrived.

After the game I gave the boys there surprises, a candy mustache for Jake and candy lips for Matthew. Jake couldn't quite figure out how to hold the mustache with his mouth, but he didn't care, it was yummy candy!

And in honor of the baseball game, I also brought Matthew some Big League Chew gum, which he loved. He loved it so much, he swallowed the gum! Although, he didn't believe David when he said it would take 7 years to digest...

I can't believe how big he looks - such a handsome kid.

The night before Matthew lost his tooth! Literally, he lost it. When he came down stairs, Julie noticed it was gone. And by gone, Matthew had no idea where it was, but no big deal, the tooth fairy was still making her appearance. By the way, do you know what teeth go for these days?!?! FIVE BUCKS! We are in trouble when Ella starts losing her teeth, but she has to grow them first, I guess.

After the game we took Ella to David & Julie's house to eat and play with her cousins. Like always, Matthew couldn't be sweeter.

We played over there for a while and took lots of pictures, but I think by the end of the photoshoot, Matthew was over it.

Ella showing off her support for the Rangers!

We had a great time at Matthew's baseball game and playing with the boys. It was a beautiful day! With the Rangers in the playoffs and being in the heart of football season, we seem to get together with our friends and family much more to support our teams. The next day was no different. Ben and Lindsey came over to watch the Cowboys (lose!). It was a relaxing afternoon and of course Ella represented her Chiefs well.

The Chiefs winning makes our house a very happy house.

Ella had her eye on Aunt Lindsey's Tecate...

My beautiful Chiefs fan...

It was a great weekend and a perfect Fall kick-off.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ella Jane - 3 Months

October 15, 2010
EJK - 3 months old

P.S. Grover really wanted us to represent the season, hence the pumpkin.